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What is Vibe Tickets?


Vibe Tickets is an open, transparent and free marketplace where real fans can exchange spare tickets for live events.

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Vibe Tickets isn't just an app, it's a community of fans. Our app allows you to connect with other fans around you who are interested in the same events and artists. We know that going to a gig, or a festival, or a show, or any event isn't just about who or what you are going to see, it is about the people you experience it with. At Vibe Tickets we do everything we can to provide a platform that not only facilitates the buying and selling of tickets but also the making of new friends!

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Vibe Tickets is an online community of fans who all believe in one simple fact: it's better that tickets go to true fans than to touts and industry resellers. The Vibe Tickets community is all about transparency, freedom, and fairness. You can use the app to list tickets or to list a wanted ad.

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Vibe Tickets is an open marketplace and for that reason we rely on the vigilant and ethical behaviour of our users to keep our community clean. We encourage users to report all suspicious activity and be aware that scams or fake tickets can occur, but only if you let them. We advise all users to pay via PayPal and recommend that you thoroughly check through a user's profile before making a purchase.

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Vibe Tickets has the easiest ticket listing process of any ticketing platform. Vibe began life as a Twitter account that connected people looking for and selling tickets. Posting a listing in our app is as simple as tweeting, in keeping with our roots. We want to make the process of selling or buying tickets as easy and as simple as possible for fans, who tend to have better things to worry about.

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Vibe Tickets isn't just an app, it's a community of fans. We want everyone who uses Vibe to have the best possible experience, that is why we are here: to provide a great platform for fans to exchange tickets, so that they can have the best possible time when they go to live events. If you need anything from us, don't hesitate to reach out to us on social media or within the Vibe Tickets app.

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