What is Vibe Tickets?

We are your place to buy and sell tickets

Started with a tweet, now we’re here...

Our mission is pretty simple, we want to get more people to the events they love, creating memories that last forever whilst making the whole ticket-buying experience as seamless as possible.

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How it all started...

Luke, our Founder, stumbled across the ticketing industry when he bought tickets for him and his friends for a gig in Manchester. Like other 20 year-olds, their social calendar was pretty packed, something else came up which meant they could no longer go. As Luke bought the tickets using his card, he was then left with trying to get everyone’s money back. Luke got out his laptop, did a quick Google search (other search engines are available 😉) and was immediately force-fed 4 major reselling sites.


Upon quick inspection, Luke found two problems with the choices he had been given. Firstly, all of the sites charged him a selling fee, meaning that for him to get his money back, he had to list his tickets at an artificially inflated price, that didn’t sit well with Luke. The second problem was that all of these sites would only give Luke his money back AFTER the event… in 6 months time. What 20 year old can afford to wait that long? Luke was expected to give his friends their money back, yet be out of pocket himself, whilst a corporate sat with his money for half a year. 💰💰💰 #BadVibes


So what did Luke do?

Luke took to social media to have a bit of a rant as well as trying solve the predicament he found himself in. Using Twitter he posted he had tickets to sell and instantly connected with other genuine fans who had missed the opportunity to buy tickets on general sale. Luke managed to sell the tickets by speaking directly to a buyer via social media. The fan at the other end managed to get tickets to the gig, and they both avoided the unnecessary fees that have always been associated with the secondary ticket market. #GoodVibes

This is when Luke asked himself the question, 'I wonder how many others are avoiding the secondary ticket market, simply out of principle?’ That’s when the idea of Vibe tickets was born. 💡