What is Vibe Tickets?

We are your place to buy and sell tickets

What we’ve learnt

We’ve been listening to fans, building a product that we believe, is what the people want to see. Just like you, a lot of our frustration and anger was initially aimed towards the secondary market, but as we started to learn more about the industry, and asked the questions others weren’t willing to, we’ve uncovered many bigger issues.


The biggest issue that we’ve encountered is a lack of transparency, starting right at the top. Where do we buy tickets? How many are available? What’s a ‘fair’ price? Do we ever have a chance? Who owns these secondary ticket sites?

We’ve all been there at 9am, logged onto our computers, sitting in virtual queues, waiting for tickets and questioning our lives... it all comes down to transparency.


For us to create a better alternative, we’ve also had to think about supply... who has the tickets?