How To Buy Tickets Using Our Secure Payment Feature

Vibe Tickets Secure Payments Is Here
Well after many long hours, sleepless nights and enough coffee to keep the entire city of Lancaster awake we have reached our goal of implementing a secure payment system. Find out how to purcahse your tickets safely online with Vibe Tickets...

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Hottest Tickets Issue 06

Hottest Tickets Issue 06
We are back once again with issue no.6 of our hottest tickets available. We hand select the hottest tickets in the app on a weekly basis, cut together a short video and break it down to give you just the facts. Featuring this week: Justin Bieber, The Libertines, Tom Clarke(The Enemy) and Little Mix.

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Hottest Tickets Issue 05

Hottest Tickets Issue 05
It has been exciting week for ticket listings in the Vibe Tickets app. In recent weeks we have seen the app blowing up with tickets starting at face value for some of the countries best sold out festivals.

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From Zero to VOOM in a Year

Luke Massie VOOM
Our founder and the face of VOOM 2017, Luke Massie, reflects on Vibe’s journey and what it’s like to spend time with Richard Branson.

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Hottest Tickets Issue 04

Hottest Tickets Issue Four
Last week we brought you Leeds Festival tickets, the week before that we brought you Primavera Sound Festival tickets and this week our festival madness continues.

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Hottest Tickets Available Issue 03

Hottest Tickets Issue Three
This week we bring you the hottest tickets with more festival big hitters available. If your looking to gain entry to the hottest sold out shows of the year, you might want to take a peek.

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Hottest Tickets Issue 02

Hottest Tickets Issue Two
This week we are delighted to bring you a sun kissed edition of our Hottest Tickets feature, with tickets available for sold out events from London to Barcelona.

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Hottest Tickets Issue 01.

Vibe Tickets Hottet Tickets issue one
The hottest tickets available in the Vibe Tickets app this week, hand selected by the Vibe Tickets team and cut together in a 30 second video to show you which tickets are on fire this week.

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Best Selling Vinyls of 2017 So Far

So far 2017 has exploded with some absolute knock out tracks, from the fan favourites dominating the charts to the new up and coming artists showing their passion. But which artist has managed to shift the most plastic so far?

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Empowering The Buyer

Vibe Tickets Mobile App
We believe that the only way for a fair transaction to take place is if both the seller and the buyer have the same amount of power when a transaction takes place and thats exactly what you get with Vibe Tickets. Empowerement for the Buyer and the Seller.

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Empowering The Seller

vibe tickets mobile app
You've bought a pair of tickets as soon as the event date was announced, you've been really excited about the gig for months, but just as the countdown begins, you receive the dreaded phone call. You've double booked the night. Killer.

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Transparency Is Key

Vibe meeting
As you all know, here at Vibe tickets we consider a lack of transparency in the secondary ticket market as one of the most critical issues in the industry right now.

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Payments: The First Run Through

Vibe Tickets Dev Team
As many of you are aware, we are working on rolling out a payments system within the Vibe Tickets app so that our users can transact without having to worry.

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