12 December 2017 | Live

A definitive guide to Twitter, as told by Liam Gallagher

Everything we learnt from the Rock 'n' Roll Star's social feed


Written by Rosie Dodds

Since it's conception in 2006, Twitter has been changing the world 140 characters at a time. James Blunt has revived his career via the channel, the English graduate has become the Social Media Coordinator, and Donald Trump had proved his worth as a certified idiot. But for those who aren't interested in online branding, lip kits, or shameless self promotion, there's Liam Gallagher - a man who casts spelling and grammar aside in favour of song lyrics, football, and nonsensical rants.

If that sounds like a bit of you, below are 23 tips for building your very own rebellious corner of the internet.

1. Know when to compliment your contemporaries.

2. But also know when to knock them down.

3. Aim high.

4. Call out your siblings.

5. Use sarcasm to your advantage.

6. Don't forget where you came from.

7. Remember the holidays.

8. Stay cool (and relevant).

9. Keep people guessing.

10. Make peace with your flaws.

11. Keep up with the football.

12. Contemplate the state of humanity.

13. Respect the energy of youth.

14. Forget the things that haven't always been there for you.

15. Use lyrics to express your true feelings.

16. Fight injustice.

17. Make holiday recommendations.

18. Don't be afraid to share a cry for help.

19. Thank others for their hospitality.

20. Always think about what you could be doing better.

21. Assert your authority.

22. Make sure you're having fun.

23. Stay humble.