17 April 2018 | News

Beychella, a historical moment in our lives.

Who Run The World? Beyoncé


Written by John Shepherd

Have we recovered yet? It's taken me 3 days, but I think I've just about recovered, recovered from Beychella, recovered from Queen B transforming the whole 'live performance' experience, recovered from Destiny's Child, marching bands, Jay Z, Solange and a wondrous education in Black history and culture.

B's near 2-hour set closed Saturday night at Coachella and her performance has just about changed live music forever. Her performance has definitely changed the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, which will now be re-named 'Beychella'.

Every sound is note-perfect, every piece of choreography is flawless, each track from her back-catalogue gets chopped, screwed and transformed into its own extended musical journey. Beyoncé brought out her husband, Jay - Z, for 'Deja Vu' reunited with Destiny's Child members Kelly Rowlands and Michelle Williams, and reenacted her 'Get Me Bodied' music video with sister, Solange. The set included 5 different outfits and even a nail touch-up!

Beyoncé has left us all in a state of 'we are not worthy' Queen B is a gift, a goddess, and her performance will be talked about for years to come. I've watched videos of Michael Jackson introducing the Moonwalk to the world, I've had to hear my Dad bang on about Freddie Mercury at Live Aid, well damn, put Beyonce right up there. We are witnessing history. Who Run The World? Beyoncé.