16 April 2018 | News

Shout out to SuperMums

Cardi B is having a Cardi Baby, Hip Hop's SuperMum.


Written by John Shepherd

‘My lil 15 minutes lasting long as hell, huuh’ … What a week it’s been for Cardi B. Cardi dropped her debut album Invasion of Privacy, becoming the first female rapper to have a certified Gold album on the first day… the first day! But even more importantly, on last week’s Saturday Night Live in the US, Cardi announced that she is expecting a child.

The release of Invasion of Privacy has cemented Cardi’s position at Hip Hop’s top table and it’s been some success story for the former stripper, ex Reality TV livewire and social media sensation. A pregnant Cardi B also played Coachella at the weekend and whilst Nikki Minaj went Pop and Lauryn Hill went AWOL a new Hip Hop Queen has been well overdue.

So to Cardi B’s Cardi Baby. Cardi has been met with criticism for expecting a baby in the midst of her moment, critics have said that her new arrival has come at the worst time and that her baby will damage her career. WAIT A SECOND! When did a woman have to choose between having a baby and a career, as Cardi says in the below Hot 97 Interview with Ebro this week, ‘Why can’t I have both?’

Come on now, let’s pull ourselves through to the modern day, let’s celebrate Motherhood, Cardi B is killing the whole game right now, having a child doesn’t mean she has to drop her career.

Mother of 3, Beyonce continues to wow us and recently announced her world tour with husband, Jay Z. Beyonce changed our whole year with her performance at Coachella.... Blog incoming on that one! Serena Williams won a Grand Slam Tennis title while pregnant and has returned to the court after having her daughter, Olympia. It’s 2018, Women have babies AND careers.

For every Cardi B, Beyonce or Serena Williams, Rap star, Global Icon, Grand Slam winner, there’s also my Mum, your Mum, expectant Mums, our Sisters, Aunties, Grandmothers and Mothers of the future that bless our lives every single day without the bank balance or global adulation that these stars are accustomed to. So here's a shout-out to SuperMums and all the Motherly figures we have in our lives, the question shouldn't be babies OR careers, pregnancy and motherhood is a beautiful thing, let’s celebrate it!