7 December 2017 | News

Challenges and opportunities for Vibe Tickets in 2018

Dave Wakeman asks Vibe's Marketing Director Cornel Lazar what poses the #1 challenge and opportunity for selling tickets in 2018.


Written by Cornel Lazar

It’s been a busy year at Vibe Tickets and as we get ready to wrap up 2017 and prepare for big things in 2018, internationally recognised marketing strategist Dave Wakeman approached several industry leaders across the UK and US, including Vibe Tickets' Marketing Director, Cornel Lazar, to ask: What poses the number 1 challenge and opportunity for selling tickets in 2018.

Dave Wakeman aka “The Revenue Architect” or “The King of Tickets” is renowned for his longstanding leadership in moving the ticketing industry to the Internet, opening up new revenue streams and experiences for brand partners while consistently challenging status quo business models.

Read Cornel’s response below. For the full article visit TicketNews.com or Dave Wakeman’s blog.

2018 Challenge

As a startup, almost anything can present itself as a challenge to us, but we’re in a good position, and we’re ready for the ride. Transparency, security, and being truly fan-first sits at the heart of everything Vibe Tickets is striving for, and these values will remain as our main points of reference in an industry that can sometimes be murky.

If I were to drill down, GDPR and Programmatic are hot topics as Vibe transforms into a data-driven operation aiming to connect fans.

"The fan needs to become the disrupter."

Logistical issues such as ticket fulfilment, late primary dispatch, and an increase in mobile ticketing remain welcome challenges. Buying or selling tickets is part of the wider consumer experience around live events, but as it stands, buying tickets can be a painful experience when it should be secure, simple, and fun.

The number one opportunity to facilitate change is putting the hands that feed the industry into the driving seat. In other words, the fan needs to become the disrupter. Consumer education therefore presents itself as one of several opportunities, and Vibe wants to be part of that conversation.

2018 Opportunity

Vibe’s mantra, We’re not a ticketing company but a social marketplace that wants to connect fans, may sound like an oxymoron at first, but it in fact allows Vibe to operate in a way that is free from industry constraints.

As a company, Vibe Tickets is in the middle of a digital and operational transformation. This transformation will pave the way to our vision of a people-powered fan community.

We are not in the business of fighting the industry. Our focus is firmly fixed on building a strong alternative to existing models, and we have a hand-stretched out ready to partner with anyone who shares our approach towards being transparent and fan-first.