14 March 2018 | Community


People of the Streets, tackling homelessness across the UK.


Written by John Shepherd

You’ve seen the promos, free pizza, free coffee, 2 for 1 cinema tickets, we get that weekly text message from our network provider, or we tear the voucher from the paper (do people still read papers) and redeem our freebies, that pizza brings our ‘cheat meal’ forward by a few days, we slob out and feel a bit guilty that we replaced our smashed avocado for a meat feast, did we really need it? Probably not.

Well, People of the Streets CIC, a social enterprise supporting homeless people in Nottingham and across the UK, is encouraging you to donate that freebie to someone in need.

On Wednesday, 28th February, Three Mobile customers were entitled to a free Domino’s pizza via their rewards app, Wuntu, so the People of the Streets campaign prompted Three Customers to #DonateYourDough. People of the Streets even created a step by step guide on how to #DonateYourDough

Homelessness is a humanitarian crisis that needs our attention for 365 days a year, but especially over the last few weeks whilst temperatures have plummeted, snow has fallen and conditions have been particularly treacherous for homeless people all over the UK.

People of the Streets provided a timely helping hand with their #DonateYourDough campaign, but these guys continue to raise awareness of the homelessness epidemic all year round. People of the Streets has a number of essentials listed on their website which you can buy, which they then make sure end up in the hands of the people that need it most, stating on their website www.peopleofthestreets.co.uk

‘ We know that overcoming homelessness often means more than a roof over your head’

We love what the People of the Streets guys are doing, when we heard about the #DonateYourDough campaign we had to get involved. In true Vibe fashion, we sent a few tweets out, had Domino’s slide into our DM’s and got on board with #DonateYourDough

There’s always an opportunity to help, we told you about a McDonald’s free coffee promotion last week.

People of The Street moved on to #DonateYourDrink on 2nd March.

Even if it's only a pizza, coffee or a 99p cheeseburger, these small things do make a difference, we can make a difference, with such an initiative around like People of the Streets, taking action is easy. We’ll be sure to make you aware of any other opportunities we hear about, let us know of any campaigns you feel we should be supporting, together we can create a real social change.