5 June 2018 | News

FIFA files criminal complaint against Viagogo

Now it's Football's turn to wade in on the ticket debate.


Written by Vibe Tickets

Whether it's Music, Football, Boxing, Comedy or any other live event, we're facing a real problem with ticketing. This time it's Football's turn to add to the public condemnation of resale ticket website Viagogo. World governing body, FIFA has filed a criminal complaint against Viagogo, announcing on their website,

'FIFA regards the illicit sale and distribution of tickets as a serious issue and views the security implications of the unauthorised transfer and/or resale of tickets as being of paramount importance. In light of the above, we encourage fans not to purchase tickets from unauthorised platforms/sellers.'

We're on board with anything that sticks the boot into Viagogo but isn't there a bigger issue at hand here, how did those tickets end up on Viagogo in the first place?

FIFA has a chequered past, corruption scandals, fraud allegations, and many a speculation regarding underhand dealings, so we're really not sure we believe FIFA are genuinely taking the moral high-ground when it comes to ticketing.

How many tickets are given to sponsors, corporates, 'The FIFA Family' and every branch of Sepp Blatter's family tree? Is it any wonder that these tickets get into the wrong hands.

Let's start with more accountability at the top of the supply chain, that's the root of the problem. How do 1000's of tickets find their way onto resale websites from the Official FIFA website?

Has FIFA made this move because they genuinely care about the fans? Or do they just want to ensure they get their cut from resale?

We call for a transparent marketplace, our fans call for a transparent marketplace, let's say FIFA had to publish where their tickets were going, would they have anything to hide? After those findings, maybe they wouldn't be on such a crusade against secondary ticketing.

Everyone’s asking for solutions to the problems in resale.... how about we start from the beginning and do our best to prevent tickets flooding the faceless resale sites in the first place?