4 March 2018 | Community

Good McVibes #BeLikeDave

The budget was 100s of 99p Burgers. We gave it all away. Don’t tell the board.


Written by John Shepherd

It's not just Drake that’s been sharing some love this month. We didn’t spend a Million Dollars, but we shared a few Good Vibes of our own. 

It all started last Tuesday when the Manchester Evening News reported that people were trying to sell Kylie tickets for 17 grand! Yeah, that’s right, 17 grand!!! Originally, tickets went on sale for £75 but Viagogo had tickets up for 17 GRANDDDDDD!!!

Mate, if I’m paying 17 grand for something I want to be living in it, sailing it, or driving it WITH THE TOP DOWN!  

But enough about them, this is all about positivity...

We jokingly told you to ‘treat yourselves’ to a 17K Kylie ticket, and in response, @carlie_lgarvin told us ‘I struggle to treat myself to a 99p cheeseburger from McDonald’s love’.

So we decided to put Carlie’s and everyone else’s Maccies on us. Yep, we sent 99p to everyone who Retweeted us so you could actually ‘treat yourselves’. All you had to do was slide in our DM’s with the RT and your PayPal details and we sent over a little stackable Vibe. 

Maybe you didn't believe us at first? But we came through for you.

Then you were challenging each other to Rock Paper Scissors in the office to see who would get the Cheeseburger. 

You rewarded your best employees with a Cheeseburger.

And then this hero showed up… 

Dave set a trend and his generosity was replicated by others that were inspired to #BeLikeDave and give to those that needed it more. 

This started as a bit of fun but as the retweets and the messages kept coming in, more and more of you wanted to re-distribute the Cheeseburger, or the 99p, and that made us feel great. We are part of a generous community, and while we can’t all be like Drake, it’s good to give a little and #BeLikeDave.