15 June 2018 | Community

Manchester Survivors Choir

We caught up with our friends who continue to move the world!


Written by Vibe Tickets

We've got some amazing friends, friends that we're so proud of, so in awe of and friends that have been making absolute waves over the last few months.

We've told you about them before but incase you've forgotten, Manchester Survivors Choir are our incredible pals who've recently shared their story with the world.

The Manchester Survivor's Choir is formed of people who were at the Ariana Grande concert on the night of the attack at the Manchester Arena. The choir are a cross generational group that meet together in solidarity, song and to eat cake!... but most recently have partaken in a number of events that marked one year since the Manchester Arena terror attack.

The choir were part of Manchester Together - With One Voice, that took place at Albert Square, Manchester where many different choirs such as Parrs Wood High School’s Harmony Group, Bee Vocal, Manchester Lesbian and Gay Chorus, AMC gospel choir, and various other choirs made up of school children, emergency workers and survivors, came together for a communal singalong.

We caught up with Cath, co-founder of the Manchester Survivors Choir who told us that standing in the centre of Manchester and singing together, remembering the people that had died on that fateful night, showed incredible resilience from the choir.

Here's the choir with Ed Sheeran! Invited as guests to Ed's Manchester show! 💃

Earlier in the day on 22nd May, the Survivors Choir visited the Royal Manchester Childrens Hospital, the hospital that many children were admitted to after being injured in the attack, this must have taken such strength for all of the people in the choir. There was also a BBC Breakfast appearance as the choir sang 'Here Comes the Sun' to the nation!

The choir have even released a single, teaming up with Manchester band Prose to release 'A City United' a charity single to raise money for the Manchester Emergency fund and Peace foundation. The track really is a powerful song, combining the harmonious sound of the choir with the signature Prose sound and moving lyrics.

We stand up together, we’re stronger than ever, our hearts and our heads are the weapons we need. We will not accept this as any defeat, we are not weak, we are the bees, we are the knees of those bees.

The Manchester Survivors Choir were invited to Parklife, the iconic Manchester Music festival that was headlined by Liam Gallagher and N.E.R.D. last week. The choir took to the main stage on the Saturday afternoon and accompanied Prose to perform their single in front of over 80,000 people!

Want our advice? You should go and treat yourself to 'A City United' here

We have a very close connection to The Survivors Choir after co-founder Cath reached out to us for support during the early stages of creating the choir and we continue to be amazed as to what the choir have achieved in such a short space of time. The Survivors Choir have so much in common with us, young people, concert goers with such a love for music and we're so proud of them. As the media coverage settles down slightly after all of the activity of the last month or so, Cath says that the choir will continue to move forward and continue to do what they do best, develop the ethos of the choir and helping more people who were affected by the Manchester Attack.

Cath told us,

Without the original support from Vibe, this would not have got off the ground.

Vibe are continuing to support The Manchester Survivors Choir and we look forward to watching them grow and continuing to help people. If you would also like to offer your support to the Manchester Survivors Choir, head to their go fund me page and donate.