10 May 2018 | News

Take me out to the Ball game

Major League Baseball is coming to London.


Written by John Shepherd

It's been confirmed this week that Europe's first Major League Baseball game will be played in London next year. American sports such as basketball and American football have been staged at the likes of Wembley Stadium and Twickenham in recent years and 2019 will be the year Baseball comes to London.

The Boston Red Sox will face the New York Yankees at the London Stadium, home of the 2012 Olympics, in two games which will be played on 29th and 30th June, 2019.

The Red Sox and the Yankees share an intense rivalry which can be dated back nearly 100 years including an 86 year championship drought for the Red Sox and a story titled 'The curse of the Bambino'. American journalists say that this is the most heated rivalry in sport so it seems right that these two institutions should be the curtain-raisers for Baseball in the UK.

Much like other American sports, a baseball game isn't solely about what happens out on the field of play. The food, the pre-game entertainment, and a raucous crowd, a capacity baseball stadium is a sight to behold...the fans bring their own energy to a sport which is engrained in American history... often getting a little bit too involved in the action.

But, you know, we're British, we don't know what the hell baseball is, we played rounders on sunny days in school, baseball is a bit like rounders, right? We need to swat up on baseball rules before the Red Sox and the Yankees come to town. I think we know 'Home Run' and '3 strikes and you're out' but that's about it. Any more? We need educating!

But we're looking forward to next year, baseball comes to London and we've got some time to decide who's colours we wear, Yankees or Red Sox. Now to find a way to get tickets!