4 September 2017 | Community

Reshaping resale ticketing: People power creates power people

Anyone who ever tried buying a ticket for an in-demand event will have experienced disappointment when tickets were sold-out in record time and the same tickets appeared on the established secondary ticket sites almost immediately with hiked-up prices and added sky-high handling fees.


Written by Cornel Lazar

The secondary ticket market is broken

There’s little doubt, the secondary ticket market has been broken for some time and no matter what the established players have been telling the fans, the issues are weaved deeply into the industry and its dealings and processes. The problems are not the ticket touts/scalpers or bots. These are merely symptoms and make great PR for the industry to diffuse attention – pure and simple.

As such, we believe the established players are either not in a position to change or don’t want to solve it.

Established players are either not in a position to change or don’t want to solve it.

Change must come from outside the industry. At Vibe Tickets we don’t believe that government regulations and hard price-caps are the way forward. We strongly believe in a truly open marketplace where transparency and fairness is achieved through self-regulation and informed consumers.

The solution must come from an outside disruptor and Vibe Tickets is on a mission to be that disruptor. With a community, fan-focused approach, our USP is simple, yet revolutionary: A transparent, secure and social ticket marketplace.

People power creates power people: A cultural movement

At scale, Vibe Tickets will “organically” reshape the ticketing resale industry by turning the focus onto fans and leveraging ‘people power’ by providing real fans a trusted, transparent and social marketplace.

By building a global community of fans we facilitate the safe buying and selling of tickets. Empowering our users to directly connect with one another, we’re offering fans access to a truly unique dynamic network. Vibe’s influence increases with every new user:

People Power creates Power People