9 March 2018 | News

Brixton Stand Up!

South London Rapper Sneakbo is Taking Brixton International


Written by John Shepherd

Brixton stand up! Sneakbo released his highly anticipated debut album, ‘Brixton’ last week, named in honour of the South London borough that the dagga dagga dat MC calls home.

With features from the likes of Giggs, Political Peak, Yungen, and Not 3’s, Sneakbo is shining a light on Brixton, the surrounding areas and all of the talent within it. 

For me, Sneakbo doesn’t get the plaudits he deserves, he’s been releasing tracks for years, ‘The Wave’ was over 6 years ago now... Man, I’m old!! Ring a Ling, Touch Ah Button, Zim Zimma, Sneakbo has had a crazy run of singles so it’s great to finally hear a full body of work like ‘Brixton’. 

The first track on the album is ‘Intro’ where Sneakbo details life growing up in Brixton, and how he’s now ‘made it out the ends’ 

So yea, ‘Brixton’ is decent you know, I’ve waited a long time for this and it’s a quality listen, but the reason I decided to write about it is because of how Sneakbo has packaged up his first album. 

Releasing his debut work, his time to shine, all eyes on Sneakbo and he flips the script, drops an album titled ‘Brixton' championing his borough, dons a ‘Brixton’ hoodie for the promo, throws Brixton all over the album artwork and features a long list of South London talent throughout the 19 track album. 

I stopped to think about what this album would mean to me if I was from Brixton, how I'd feel about how he’s brought my area to life and shared it with the world, that’s inspiration. I’d feel like I was a part of Sneakbo’s story, that would give me fuel to go on and do my thing. 

With Brixton, there’s a realness in Sneakbo’s words, it’s where he’s from, it’s where he’s been and it’s where he’s going.

Bugzy Malone did a similar thing with ‘King In The North’ flying the flag for Manchester in a genre that is otherwise dominated by London MC’s. There’s so much motivation to take from people wearing their upbringing like a badge of honour.

I’m from Holywell in North Wales, no one’s making a Grime album about North Wales any time soon.... and that’s definitely why I’m a Blogger and not a Grime MC!