3 May 2018 | News

Free Taylor Swift Tickets (If you're a member of a damn Wine Club)

Just one more example of ticketing dishonesty.


Written by Vibe Tickets

We tweeted about it this morning but there are just some things that can't be summed up in a tweet, or a series of tweets. Some things that just need a constant half-hour of keyboard bashing to truly vent your frustration and get a rant out in the open. You know how it is, you wake up on a Thursday morning having a good look through your phone pics for that #tbt post that gives you the best chance of reaching 50 likes on the Gram and then suddenly... one tweet changes your whole mood.

On the face of it, what's not to love? Free tickets to the California leg of Taylor Swift's Reputation tour, sign us up! .... Only then, you start to think 💬💬💬

1. We shed blood sweat and tears for our Taylor tickets (for the lucky few that got them) too many refreshes, too many hours in front of our laptop with our parent's credit card.

2. We look pretty good in our 'Reputation' T's but we were made to prove our loyalty by purchasing merchandise for a 'high boost' to increase our chances of getting tickets.

3. Now you're going to give FREE tickets to someone who's the member of a damn WINE CLUB????


Yep, Mountain Winery Loyalty Club members, you know those huge Swifties that we've all heard so much about, are being gifted free tickets to Taylor's Levi's Stadium show in California on 11th May. A Wine Club? Way to reward genuine fans, ey! We jumped through some 'Verified Fan' 'Taylor Swift Tix' hoops to get our Reputation tickets, but you just want to hand them out, FOR FREE to a Wine Club? The shame!

C'mon now, where's the transparency? Why do we need to move heaven and earth to get a ticket, but then they can be gifted to a damn Wine Club? Where's the reward for loyal fans, the industry is not transparent, it's not a fair system, it's broken.

At Vibe we are fighting the fight and while devious actions like these are still going on meaning genuine fans miss out, we know we still have a massive job to do!