2 November 2018 | Community

Why are we deleting History?

The future of more grassroots venues is again in jeapordy. We need to take action.


Written by John Shepherd

Last year, the Music Venue Trust launched the Fightback Campaign to try and stop the closure of small music venues. Sadly, this fight is still being fought as the Lancaster Music Co-op and The Cellar in Oxford are the latest in the firing line.

So, why are we so keen to get rid of much-loved cultural hubs that have paved the way for so many artists?

The Lancaster Music Co-op has been the heart of the city for the past 33 years helping groups such as The Prodigy become recognised and many other groups going on to do well within the music industry.

How many times have you seen a great building be knocked down to produce a supermarket car-park or a coffee shop?

Watching upcoming artists perform in a well known small venue is great but going to see a huge artist in a small venue is something special.

Grassroots venues are where our favourite artists cut their teeth, make those early relationships with us and provide us with those intimate moments that stadium gigs just aren't capable of producing, we have to keep this alive.

Manic Street Preachers performed to a few hundred people at Oxford Street's 100 club back in 2013 which had a large industry contingent. Artists have always made history in small venues. Look at Oasis... look at the Stones... it is part of their story.

To do like we have and sign the petition to save Lancaster Music Co-Op click here.

To donate and support the Cellar Forever campaign click here.

We can no longer allow for these establishments to be demolished. Let's get out and support our local venues!