15 December 2017 | Community

Why Jimothy Lacoste needs to be your Future Bae

A quick look at lo-fi’s latest hero


Written by Rosie Dodds

“You’ll be lovely and peng. Even if I draw on your face with a pen. Even if you woke up with a couple little zits. Even if you haven’t got great big tits.”

Yes, that’s the sound of Jimothy Lacoste, the London based musician who’s busy making the kind of music that you can’t work out whether it’s so-bad-it’s-good, or actually genuinely good. Either way, you'll find that you can’t stop listening to his lo-fi take on Mike Skinner’s frank style of British rap.

Perhaps it’s his Instagram photos that have captions like “Taken by mum” and “Hellooooooo mr train driver ! Take me to my destination please !!”, or maybe it’s just his eccentric style of dancing, but there’s something about Jimothy - real name Timothy Gonzales - that can’t be reduced to the confines of meme rap. He’s more endearing than artists like Yung Lean and Big Shaq, and arguably more talented as well - despite the fact that his tracks have been made with the help of an app on his iPad.

Music aside, part of Jimothy’s charm comes from his aesthetic – think bright red trousers paired with dad jumpers and a pair of sunglasses that strongly resemble Le Specs x Adam Selman’s infamous The Last Lolita frames. Whether you get him or not, it’s undeniable that the young artist’s homespun beats and somewhat bizarre lyrics are part of a compelling charm that’s getting him on his way to becoming an internet sensation. We definitely think he’s one to watch.