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Why Vibe?
I’d like to buy tickets, how do I do it?
I’d like to sell my spare tickets, how do I do it?
Can I list my tickets even if I am still waiting to receive them?
Will I be charged for using the Vibe app, or incur charges for buying and selling tickets?
What fees do I pay as a buyer?
Can I sell my ticket, if it states 'not for resale'?


I haven’t received my verification email, what should I do?
I’ve made a mistake in my email address when registering, how do I change it?
How do I update my profile?
Can I leave a review?
How do I sell a ticket?
How do I buy a ticket?
How do I set up an alert?
How do I remove an alert?
How do I know that a user is an Admin?
How do I know the seller has verified their PayPal?
How do I connect PayPal to my profile?
My PayPal won’t connect to my Vibe account, what should I do?
I have received an abusive message from another user, I would like to report the user, please advise me on what steps to follow.
How do I report a user?
How do I report a ticket listing?
Why has my listing been removed?
Why has my account been suspended?
How do I close my account?
How can I add tracking for my tickets after I've sent them?
How do I tag someone in comments?
How do I invite a friend to the Vibe app?
How do I cover the barcodes?
What happens if I sell my ticket somewhere else, but still have it listed on the Vibe app?
I have lost access to the email address I registered with, or need to change my email address - what should I do?
My e-tickets are all in the same file, but I want to sell them separately.
How can I see who has liked my listing?


The event i’m attending has been rescheduled, what happens next?
The event i’m attending has been cancelled.


Can you ensure that all profiles are legit?
How can I buy safely?
How can I sell safely?
Are my chats monitored?
A user is acting suspiciously, what should I do?
Should I send the tickets if I haven’t received the payment?


What method of payment should be used to buy and sell tickets in the Vibe app?
I don’t have PayPal. Can I still sell tickets in this app?
When do I get paid if I sell my spare tickets?
I haven't received my payment.
My tickets haven’t arrived, what should I do?
My tickets haven’t arrived/turned out to be fake/are damaged, can I get a refund?
How do I open a dispute in PayPal?
Where can I get more information on PayPal Buyer and Seller Protection?
How do I refund the buyer?


I am meeting to exchange physical tickets in person.
How can I ensure that the buyer receives my e-tickets?
What shipping method should I use to post the tickets?
Royal Mail has lost my tickets


Is there any customer service?
What are your customer service hours?